This is a V-Lock radio receiver holder, or caddy, designed to hold any slot in radio receiver on the back of a camera with a V-Lock battery plate.

The slot fits any receiver designed to go into a 'Universal' slot, with audio output on a standard TA5M connector.

The V-Lock sandwiches between battery and camera on any 12V (nominally) V-Lock plate.

Power is delivered to the receiver internally, this switches on and off automatically as the camera does to avoid needlessly draining batteries.  There are additional power outputs on the right hand side away from the camera operator's head providing two D-Tap and two Hirose connectors, the Hirose connectors are automatically switched along with the receiver.

If you do not already have an output cable then we can supply a suitable cable.

Note that the Sony slot is subtly different and only offers unbalanced outputs, Sony slot receivers normally have an adapter available to give balanced outputs via a unislot. Hawk Woods 'Real Power' 24V (or 26V) batteries look like they might fit on a normal V-Lock but I assure you they won't.

  • Dimensions: 116mm tall, 108mm wide (plus 7mm for the release button), 37mm long (plus 8mm for battery lugs though these fit into the slots in the battery so they do not add to the length of your rig).
  • Weight: 270 grams
  • Hirose outputs: 2 switched
  • DTap outputs: 1 switched

This is a Unislot Caddy, that means that all dimensions will fit any RX designed to fit Unislot or Superslot.  That's a 25 pin connector and specific screw holes and length from top to bottom.  Most RX need both the 25 pin base and their respective collar to make them fit a Unislot or Superslot slot.  If your RX fits into a camera Unislot, it will fit this Caddy.

The Caddy has and auto on feature, and so also an auto off feature.  If you put your RX into the Caddy and attach a battery the auto off function will be activated because the camera is not on.  If you then attach a camera, or any other load, to the other side of the V-Lock and turn that on, the RX will come on.

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Unislot Caddy

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