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This is an HD SDI (and SD SDI) wireless video link that V-Locks directly to the back of the camera / monitor or directly to 15mm or 19mm bars (with our bar bracket found here)

This is developed and tested in the field for use in the field.  

I've made a short video about how to set it up, you can see it here:  vimeo

HD or SD SDI uncompressed
Delay less than 1mS
Up to 4 RX per TX
5.8GHz DFS for greater interference rejection
Robust multiple internal aerials
Incorporates D-Tap & Hirose power outputs
USB output for phone charging
Auto on/off
8.4V output for powering C300 etc (other voltages on request)
480i, 480p, 576i, 576p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p
10 – 36V input through the standard '12V' V-lock plate or power via D-Tap socket
V-Lock or bar mounted 
£1670 (£2004 inc VAT) for TX + RX

If you’re concerned about not having a V-Mount on your monitor then let us know and we’ll help with mounting options.

Want to know anything more?  Drop me a line at: ben@avingtonltd.com

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